Wilson Neurology

Wilson Neurology

Wilson Neurology treats patients with neurological disorders, including stroke, back and neck pain, headache, epilepsy, Parkinson's Disease, Alzheimer's, Multiple Sclerosis, dysimmune conditions (MG, GBS, CIDP) and neuropathy.  

Neurology is the study and treatment of diseases of the nervous system. The nervous system includes:

  • Brain and spinal cord (and their coverings)

  • Cranial nerves connected to the eyes, face, ears, nose and throat

  • Peripheral nerves which supply the arms and legs 

  • Muscles of the body

  • Autonomic nerves which innervate the internal organs including the blood vessels and sweat glands

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About Your Physicians

Dr. Ben Thomas 

Dr. Ben Thomas received his medical degree from Indiana University School of Medicine. He completed his residency at Jackson Memorial Hospital and University of Miami. Dr. Thomas is board certified in neurology.

Dr. Rick Guarino

Dr. Rick Guarino received his medical degree from Rutgers Medical School in New Jersey and completed his internship and Neurology residency at the University of Medicine and Dentistry of New Jersey (UMDNJ). Dr. Guarino is board certified in neurology.

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Insurance and Payment 

We participate in most area health plans, including Cigna, United Healthcare, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medcost, Tricare, and others. We also accept Medicare and Medicaid.

We must have a copy of your current insurance card. Please bring your insurance card to every visit for verification. 

Payment is expected at the time of service, including co-payments. You are responsible for co-payments, deductibles, co-insurance, and non-covered services.

About Your Appointment

Arrive to your appointment at the designated time. You may need to arrive a few minutes before your appointment to fill out paperwork or for laboratory testing. Bring all of your medications to every visit. You are responsible for updating us on any changes in your name, address, phone number, or insurance coverage.